Looking after yourself

Family breakdown is one of the most distressing events people can experience. Couples who need to use court services because they cannot resolve their differences by way of community-based dispute resolution can find it to be even more so.

The reality is that by the time people reach the courts, stress, despair, anxiety, depression and other forms of mental illness are common, along with anger and frustration, and frequently a sense of powerlessness.

Staff are trained to communicate more effectively with clients requiring support, to prepare personal safety plans for clients who need them, to recognise signs of possible family violence and to respond sensitively to the needs of Indigenous or culturally and linguistically diverse clients.

Court staff members are very aware of the stress family breakdown places on clients. Staff are skilled and equipped in general communications and mental health topics and can offer clients referrals to expert agencies.

Our brochure Separation and Stress provides information about what you can do if you’re feeling overwhelmed by family breakdown and family law proceedings.