The courts have arrangements with external contractors for the recording and, if necessary, transcription, of its proceedings.

The current provider of court recording and transcription services to the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court is Auscript Australasia Pty Limited.

Auscript national contact details (excluding WA)

Telephone: 1800 287 274
Fax: 1300 739 037

Provision of transcripts

Transcripts can be purchased only by the parties to the proceedings or their lawyers. Only the transcript of proceedings will be included; the documentation will not include judgments, rulings or orders.

Under its current records retention policy, the courts retain recordings for 10 years. Therefore, requests for transcripts of proceedings beyond 10 years cannot be processed.

Access to court recordings

To reduce costs, clients may wish to listen to recordings of their proceeding and select specific segments for transcription.

Applications to access recordings need to be made through the relevant Registry Manager, clearly setting out the reasons a client wishes to access recordings. Access to recordings will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The courts do not provide unsupervised access to recordings. Should approval be provided to access recordings, Auscript recordings will be accessed in Family Law Court facilities.

As with the provision of transcripts, access will only be provided to recordings of proceedings, not judgments, rulings or orders.

Costs for the provision of transcript and/or listening facilities

The costs associated with large amounts of transcription or dubbing audio records for supervised access can be substantial. It is therefore recommended that parties seek cost estimates for their requirements before placing orders.

In some cases, it may prove cheaper to order a single block of a proceeding from the outset, rather than ordering several smaller segments or listening to recordings and then placing a transcript order.

Transcripts order form

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