The Family Court helps to resolve and, if necessary, determine family disputes brought before it. The staff of the Court support the judges in their exercise of judicial power.

The Family Court is committed to courteous and effective client service and to responding to complaints and feedback as effectively as possible. An acknowledgement will be sent within 5 days of receipt of a complaint in the Court and if a full response cannot be provided within 20 days of receipt in the Court, the complainant will be advised in writing.

Types of complaints

Complaints about registry services

Complaints about court outcomes and judicial decisions

Complaints about judicial conduct and delay in delivery of reserved judgments

Complaints about family reports and Family Consultants

Complaints about lawyers, Independent Children’s Lawyers, and legal costs

Child abuse

If you believe a child is at risk or has been abused, you should report it to the relevant welfare authority in your State or Territory. Unlike welfare authorities, the Court does not have the power to investigate abuse.

Vexatious complaints and complainant misconduct

The Court may not respond to a complaint that is vexatious, repetitive or lacks substance. Allegations of misconduct, including criminality or corruption, without supporting evidence may be treated as lacking substance. The complaints process is not a means to harass the Court and its staff. Abusive or threatening correspondence or conduct will not be tolerated and may be referred to the appropriate authority. Affected parties may also be told of any threat. If a complaint raises issues which have already been responded to then it is at the Court’s discretion as to whether a further response will be provided.